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Our Maintenance Division is with us through the entirety of each project, assisting in each area and ensuring top quality. Therefore, they understand and have access to construction records and tools, making problem-solving much more efficient, no matter how long the project has been complete. Didn’t build with us? No problem. We provide “in-house” maintenance for a variety of commercial businesses as well. Regardless of your needs, our highly competent maintenance team is here to help you prevent problems from occurring (or reoccurring) by staying two steps ahead at all times.


Customize your Mavin Maintenance options.

Our fine-tuned programs create the best experience possible and provide exceptional service with a personal touch. You can expect consistency, respect, high standards and an effort to go above and beyond to create a value-rich experience in each interaction with our team. Our relationship with you and our care of your facility are top priorities. We take pride in the work we do and the friendships we make along the way.

Preventative Maintenance

Our custom monthly maintenance plans are designed to fit your specific maintenance needs or budget. Once we establish what you need, leave the rest to us. We manage to-do lists, coordinate visits and inform you of any concerns that arise. As a preventative maintenance client, your needs – emergency or not – are our highest priority.

Service Request

Only need help in emergency situations? This may be the option for you. If it’s broken, leaking, spraying, smoking or simply out of your wheelhouse, our Mavins are here to help. And like so many of our current clients, don’t be surprised if you see the need for regular visits once you experience our problem-solving (and fixing) skills at work.


Experience maintenance made easy.

Maintenance is critical to protecting the integrity and longevity of your building and the investment you’ve made, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you want to prevent inefficiencies and issues or solve problems as they arise, we’ve got you covered.


Alex Parks, Maintenance Division Leader