Take Us On Your Journey. Experience the Mavin difference.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide an exceptional, value-rich building experience by creating an environment which values people, knowledge, and relationships that in the end, leave our clients better for having worked with us. Mavin is not just the services we offer. It’s not our leadership or what we do. Mavin is the exceptional experience we provide when we combine all of who we are: our purpose, partners, people, services and The Mavin Way.

Our Purpose

To enhance the lives of others through value-rich experiences.

We are not simply a construction company. We create exceptional building experiences through a process which values people, knowledge, relationships and fun. Our highest priority is delivering a valuable, rewarding experience.

The Innovator

DJ Doherty, Partner

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Curious
  • High intellect
  • Able to see connections where others cannot
  • Seeks knowledge through new experiences
  • Willing to take risks in order to discover

The Sage

Todd Malo, Partner

  • Shares wisdom
  • Consistent and disciplined approach
  • Excellent judge of character
  • Strength to endure
  • Ability to simplify the complex
  • Balances difficult conversations